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Paying off YOUR MORTGAGE may be a Mistake!

Is your house unemployed?

As seen in the Modesto Bee, local papers, magazines, websites and media outlets.

Citizens Financial Clients Build Wealth - Modesto Bee August 15, 2005


Home Equity Planning & Management

We integrate your home loan and equity management into your overall family's financial plan for both short-term and long-term financial goals and objectives.

Today we see a mortgage no longer as a mortgage loan once was, but instead as a financial instrument - a financial instrument that can be woven into your financial plan, creating a debt strategy that leads to wealth creation.

The Financial Coach Program

Personal Financial Coaching Programs

We developed The Financial Coach Program to create a unique financial and life plan designed to meet our clients' individual situations. We assist our clients in staying on track as they pursue lifes dreams and their personal, financial and family goals.

Why hasn't my advisor told me about or heard of these strategies?

While most Financial Professionals are licensed by the appropriate government entity and conduct their businesses ethically, many of them have been trained in traditional financial matters and simply haven't been exposed to these cutting-edge concepts and therefore may dismiss these strategies simply because they do not know about them and do not want to appear to be uninformed.

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