Our People

William F. Richardson, "The Money Doctor"

Wealth Creation Strategist & Financial Coach

Mr. William F. Richardson aka The Money Doctor is an author, speaker, financial strategist and retirement specialist for Citizens Financial Security and its affiliates. He is also the former founder and director of The California Educational Institute of Wealth Enhancement, a private educational facilitator and creator of The Equity Max Program a financial educational proprietary system.

William Richardson is a well-known Independent Representative. He is an authority in using insurance, annuities, and mortgage products for retirement distribution planning, asset protection, wealth preservation, income planning, found money conceptsand equity management strategies.

People who consult with William find that they can lower their tax bills, eliminate debt, increase their fixed monthly income and obtain better protection for their financial future. What that means for you is that he protects your assets and financial privacy with assistance from estate and financial planning specialists, attorneys, accountants, insurance and financial services companies.

William's personally tailored plans help the all American family meet their individual family and retirement goals ensuring that they live comfortably while protecting the assets earned though a lifetime of work.

A native Californian, William grew up in the Bay Area and moved to the Valley in 1998. During his leisure hours he is very active in his church and community where, he often plans and performs service activities. He devotes the rest of his time to enjoying life with his wife and three children.

In their spare time together, you might find them outdoors enjoying nature, studying or reading a good book, giving service or spending quality time together with family and friends.

William is active in participates in community service organizations and activities.

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