Our Firm

CITIZENS FINANCIAL SECURITY is an independent representative financial services professional firm that specializes in assisting conservative financial minded consumers as Liability and Asset Optimization Advisors.

Citizens Financial Security- a unique firm focused on the needs & concerns of conservative people of all ages, in matters concerning insurance, annuities, mortgages, tax planning strategies, estate conservation & preservation.

Our belief is you should do business with an expert in his field. Hence, the formation of Citizens Financial Security, specializing in areas that are concerns of conservative people.

We will help you correctly position your finances for the 21st. Century. While keeping in mind safety, liquidity, and the ability to pass your assets to the next generation.

Our clients learn how to "Live Debt Free and Truly Wealthy."
Reduce and Eliminate Consumer Debt
Maximize the Amount They Can Invest From Current Income
Guarantee The Safety Of Their Investment Principal
Minimize Income Taxes
Position Their Money to Provide Current Liquidity
Maximize Investment Income

We do all of this and more...in most cases Without Taking Any Additional Money Out Of Their Pockets or Changing their Current Lifestyle!