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William F. Richardson is an independent representative, aka "The Money Doctor.” He is a financial strategist, insurance professional, educator and public advocate. He is an authority in income planning strategies, money concepts, equity management, retirement distribution, asset protection, and wealth preservation.

William is a financial professional entrepreneur with 30 years of business experience and critical financial industry knowledge. He specializes in income-producing and wealth-preserving adjustments to your portfolio. He provides greater clarity, balance, focus, and confidence for families and businesses.

As a Financial Strategist, William coaches college students, families and businesses on income planning strategies. He focuses on how to create Lifestyle Benefits and Retirement Savings by following simple rules and proven concepts to optimize assets, preserve capital, and minimize taxes.

During the Great Recession, clients who followed these strategies didn't lose one penny of their savings or retirement money. While others lost 30% to 60% of their life savings as the market adjusted.

Assuming you've chosen to follow these strategies, there would have been zero losses due to market volatility and your financial goals would be on track. Your money would have been "triple compounding,” protected and withdrawn tax-free for any reason.

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I welcome your opinion and shared thoughts. Schedule a Lifestyle Discovery Strategy Session Online. No commitment, no pressure, everything to gain! Because, while everyone else will be wondering what happened, you'll have a clear path ahead.


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You are invited to contact "The Money Doctor,” Mr. William F. Richardson, author, speaker, financial strategist, and retirement specialist for Citizens Financial Security and its affiliates. He is also the founder and director of The California Educational Institute of Wealth Enhancement. To learn more, please email William (at) This report is for educational informational purposes only. It is not designed or intended to offer tax, legal, investment advice, or an offer to sell. When making financial decisions, always seek the advice of a qualified professional.

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